The Musical Breath

Workshops and training using music for breath regulation including Singing For Lung Health.


Our first breath welcomes us into the world and our last breath ends our life.

We don’t notice our breath until our attention is drawn to it, either through a meditative practice or when we have been exercising strongly or if we have a pathological condition. We hold our breath with fear and excitement. Working with the breath is vital, powerful and intimate. It is a transformative experience for participant and practitioner.

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Singing for Lung Health Online Training announced for Autumn 2020

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We all have a base pulse, a core tempo, a rhythm that is ours to dance. Every individual is unique.

When our breathing goes awry for whatever reason, it affects us profoundly as it knocks our internal timing. The judicious, sensitive and participatory use of a beautifully timed and paced melody can elongate the outbreath and slow us down, calm any anxiety and return us to a sense of equilibrium.

“People's core relationship to music often remains sound and whole, even if everything else around this seems disrupted or damaged.

This basic attachment to music is often a key resource for people to locate what is still healthy in themselves and others”

Gary AnsdellHow Music Helps (2014)

Who the training is for

We work with anyone and everyone for whom breathlessness, dysfunctional breathing patterns, the voice, postural integration and/or chronic lung disease might have relevance.

  • Carers, hospice and care home staff
  • Community choir leaders
  • Hospice staff and palliative care providers
  • Medical students
  • Music therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Pregnant women and new mothers
  • Primary and secondary school teachers
  • Respiratory nurse specialists
  • Respiratory physiotherapists
  • Singing teachers
  • Yoga teachers

“…breath enables speech and expressive gestures…

Breath energises movement and enables bodily activity.

Nothing is possible without breath; breathing marks life.”

Havi CarelInvisible Suffering (2015)

Thank you for a really interesting, challenging and motivating day…

The workshop had quite an impact on me and I found that it was surprisingly moving and affected my whole being – not just my voice. It was so good to be reminded of things that I know and am aware of such as breathing, meditation, quiet spaces but things that are hard to put into practice all the time.

Claire RosscornesMusic Therapist