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Update 8 March 2020

3 day Singing for Lung Health training

w/c October 26th 2020, Richmond, London/Surrey

We are currently planning a 3 day standard Singing for Lung Health training in Richmond, London/Surrey  w/c October 26th 2020.

Course content will include:

  • The Body – The importance of physical activity and expression, the cycle of inactivity, how movement patterns impact on breathing patterns.
  • The Breath – The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, chronic lung conditions, dysfunctional breathing patterns, the holistic nature of the breath, how we breathe to sing
  • The Voice – Anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, how chronic lung conditions impact the singing voice, how to extend the exhale, a toolkit to work with aging voices and dysphonia
  • Music and Movement – How to work creatively and appropriately through music with physical, vocal and breathing warm-ups, sung repertoire and guided relaxation to support those with chronic lung conditions to manage breathlessness
  • Observing a typical ‘live’ session with participants with chronic lung conditions
  • Basic information on setting up a group in the community
  • Sharing best practice and practical examples with peers
  • Invitation to Dropbox with additional resources and a closed FB group with over 150 other trained Singing for Lung Health leaders providing ongoing peer support.
  • Cost £375 for 3 days

Please email us for further information or to register interest.

Introduction to Leading Community Singing

w/c October 26th 2020, Richmond, London/Surrey

We are planning to run a 1 day Introduction to Leading Community Singing in Richmond, London/Surrey.  This will be at the same venue as the 3 day training.

This is an overview for non-specialists in facilitating community singing – how to lead basic physical warm ups, vocal and breathing warm up’s, rhythm and pitch games and how to teach songs ‘by ear’. It is an entirely practical workshop and handouts will not be provided. You need a certain level of musicality & group facilitation skills to attend this course, otherwise The Musical Breath:Creative Approaches is  a recommended intro day for Health Care Professionals. https://bit.ly/3eeZkCo

Please note, this training day will not have any content regarding how to work with people with chronic lung conditions. That is covered on the standard 3 day training. If you feel confident to progress immediately, you are welcome to attend the 3 day course also knowing you will need to come with song and warm-up ideas to share on the final day.

Cost £125 for the day

Please email liz@lizswain.co.uk for information or to register interest.

Please note this day is generic and not lung specific.

One day courses

All other one day courses are ongoing and run with a minimum 8 and maximum 16 participants. They can be delivered in your setting or in a central location.  Please see What We Offer