Current training

Singing for Lung Health Online Training:
Autumn 2020

What is it?

The Course will run over eight weeks online.  There are two separate blocks being offered. When enquiring please state if AM or PM preferable.

Content will consist of 6 modules delivered over 8 sessions.  The live Zoom sessions will be 2 hours 30 mins to include a break and will run weekly.

Each module will contain a combination of:

  1. Practical Live zoom sessions delivered by two specialists
  2. Home study and practical or creative exploration (up to 30 mins per day)
  3. Handouts
  4. Study resources, including audio, video and supporting documents
  5. Invitation to closed Facebook peer support group for Singing for Lung Health leaders (already with over 175 members trained by Phoene)

The content is the same as that delivered for the British Lung Foundation funded courses.

The Musical Breath Team will be involved in delivery with a special guest appearance from Alexandra Hough who has been a respiratory physiotherapist for over 30 years and wrote the seminal textbook for physiotherapists called Hough’s Cardiorespiratory Care.


Please email for place on the waiting list, stating whether AM or PM suits you better.


  • Online Singing for Lung Health course
  • 6 modules (8 sessions) – each 2 hours over Zoom
  • 2 Blocks to choose from (AM or PM)
  • Cost £425 for 8 sessions or £60 per session (£50 for existing Singing for Lung Health Leaders wanting to review)


Choose one of the two learning Blocks offered:

Block One

Tuesdays, 4pm – 6pm + two Mondays


  • Sep 22: Introduction to Singing for Lung Health
  • Sep 29: Still & Moving body
  • Oct 6: Lung health & lung disease
  • Oct 12 (Monday): Holistic Breath
  • Oct 20: The Singing Voice
  • Oct 27: Singing for Lung Health (delivery & content part 1)
  • Nov 2 (Monday): Singing for Lung Health (delivery & content part 2)
  • Nov 10: Q&A (1hr)

Block Two

Fridays, 10am – 12pm + one Wednesday


  • Oct 30: Introduction to Singing for Lung Health
  • Nov 6: Still & Moving Body
  • Nov 13: Lung health and lung disease
  • Nov 18 (Wednesday): Holistic Breath
  • Nov 27: The Singing Voice
  • Dec 4: Singing for Lung Health (delivery & content part 1)
  • Dec 11: Singing for Lung Health (delivery & content part 2)
  • Dec 18: Q&A (1 hr)

Course content

Module 1: Introduction to Singing for Lung Health


To give an overview to the context, background, research as well as content and delivery of singing as a tool for people with chronic lung conditions. Welcome to one another and the course modules. What do we bring and what we want to take away?


You will have a clear idea of where and when Singing for Lung Health began, its aims, objectives and outputs along with where it fits into the wider Arts in Health picture, including research and future plans.

Module 2: The Still and Moving Body

“It is fruitless to try to change a breathing pattern until choices become available to a person in the way they stand and move” (Blackaby, P. 2018. Intelligent Yoga. Casita)


To provide an overview of somatic practice and the relationship between body and breath.


You will gain a greater self-awareness of your movement patterns and how they might impact on breathing patterns. You will understand importance of physical activity and expressive gesture. You will have a choice of activity to support both functional and creative movement. You will learn some creative physical warm-up’s to bring awareness to and promote better breathing.

Module 3: Lung Health and Lung Disease


To provide information on respiration and breathing mechanics and how these can be impacted by the pathology of a lung disease. To introduce how singing for lung health might support symptoms and management of breathlessness.


You will gain knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, plus pathology and symptom picture of different chronic lung conditions.   An experiential session of Singing for Lung Health will provide and understanding of how singing can support people with different respiratory conditions.

Module 4 : The Holistic Breath

“There is not one correct way to breathe, but there are common ways in which people restrict their breathing” (Farhi, D.1996. The Breathing Book. Holt)


To provide an overview of the inseparable relationship between body, breath, movement, voice and mind.


You will gain knowledge about whole body breathing, mapping and experiencing your own unique breathing pattern. You will gain knowledge and understanding of dysfunctional breathing patterns including hyperventilation and their relationship to physiology, psychology and pathology.

Module 5: The Singing Voice


To provide an overview of how the voice works and optimum singing and breathing techniques to support someone with a chronic lung condition.


You will have a basic knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism and a practical understanding of the most efficient breathing for singing. You will learn about some of the vocal issues affecting people with lung conditions plus a toolkit to work with ageing voices, people who have been intubated and/or struggle with dysphonia (voice hoarseness).

Module 6: Singing for Lung Health Delivery and Content (2 sessions)


To workshop in small groups the delivery and content of the Singing for Lung Health programme.


How to work creatively and appropriately through music with physical, vocal and breathing warm-ups, sung repertoire and guided relaxation to support those with chronic lung conditions to manage breathlessness.
NB: This module will run over TWO sessions. Participants will be expected to participate practically and to co-lead sessions in break out rooms trying out different musical content.

Skills and competencies

It is expected that to take the full course you have either:

  • Taken the introductory course in generic song leading run by Liz Swain or Delia Rosenboom


If you are a healthcare professional, or relatively new to leading group singing, you may wish to complete one of Delia Rosenboom introductory courses first:

NB: These two courses are not run by The Musical Breath.

Costs and how to pay

You can book for individual sessions at a cost of £60 per session or book all 6 modules (8 sessions) at a cost of £425. (Existing trained Sflh leaders can book single modules for review at £50)
(NB: If you want to take Module 6 you need to have completed all the previous modules. If you take single modules you will only receive the resources relevant to that week)

To pay

  • If you live in the UK and would like to pay via BACS transfer, please email for details.
  • Otherwise please pay via Paypal – and let us know which Block you are booking.


Your Zoom link and password will be provided prior to the session, along with details of any resources recommended prior to commencing,  during and after course.

Cancellation and refund policy

Numbers will be capped at 18 people per course and a minimum of 12 are required to run course.

  • In the unlikely event that a minimum of 12 participants are not booked in for each course, it may be that you are requested to move to another block, or payment will be fully refunded.
  • Space is strictly limited to an absolute maximum of 18 participants per course on a first come first serve basis.
  • There are no plans to record sessions.
  • If for any reason you cancel, refunds will be made depending on the amount of notice given:
    • 30+ days notice of cancellation = 80% refund.
    • 14- 29 days notice of cancellation = 50% refund
    • 0-14 days notice of cancellation = no refund.